kamal loungani

Mr. Kamal Loungani
The early bird advantage

It may sound an over clichéd phrase from an archaic book of business, but the statement holds good even today and every coming day when a new business forays into a market. When Kamal International Trading entered into the markets of the UAE in 1996, KIT was able to penetrate into the market and made quick progress in terms of business and trust. It was possible only because, we have had the advantage of being early in the business, the reputation we build in terms of service delivery made us one of the leading and successful business conglomerates in the whole of UAE.

Solid Foundation

Mr.Kamal Loungani
Sound values are the Solid Foundation for success

Today KIT Group is a leading conglomerate having proven excellence in domains such as Paper, Steel, Chemicals, Garments, Industrial Clothing, Information & Communication Technology and Food products. When we at KIT Group were keeping our firm foot forward back in 1996 by our CMD Mr. Kamal Loungani, we were not only passionate about introducing new products and services into the market of the UAE, but we were poised to build a long-term relationship with the clients and customers because the products and services are subject to change but the promises and trust will make the clients come back to us for more. So at Kamal International Trading – KIT Group we keep the goodwill of our client as our policy.

Stretch your decision

Mr.Kamal Loungani
Stretch your decision and hold it little longer

Whether it is a business or play, it is the level of persistence that ensures the success. It is like, more the bow bends – the faster the arrow can fly. At KIT we have applied that logic to the fullest by devising plans and attributes that make our business succeed across different service verticals. The success and growth of ‘Trade synergies’ wing of KIT Group speak volumes about waiting and not becoming tired of waiting and bettering the things we are good at, has actually elevated us to break new grounds in doing business and delivering trade synergies that match international standards. Trade synergies being a successful entity of KIT Group is the outcome of stretching our decision in certain key areas and holding that decision for a longer period of time with unshakable faith and confidence.

rooted food

Mr.Kamal Loungani
Moving ahead with growing enthusiasm

A meaningful statement that has been used quite often in the business circles. i.e. In business, it pays to be prepared, at KIT we always keep facing the odds as one of our work deliverables across the board. Admittedly, there is no definite point in a business that once we reached there, there won’t be shortfalls nor there can be a downturn, but the fact is, to move a business in the path of progress, it has to be reinvented persistently to stay ahead and stay smart. Rooted Food Co LTD of KIT Group is one such initiative that has been started to introduce organic and natural food varieties to western audiences. The ‘popped Lotus seeds’ product is capturing the markets of the United Kingdom for its additive free property and delicious taste.